Tendertube timely delivers to your mail inbox active daily tenders, govt tenders and contracts, government tenders, global tenders, from your local tenders to global tenders. We offer additional services such as Bid Acquisition, Representation at Pre-bid Meetings, Bid submission, Representation at Bid Opening Meetings and site visit, Guarantees Bid Security and Performance Security, Attend Debriefing Meetings and bid training and management at large.

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No more running around searching for tenders. Find all your tenders on Tendertube. It’s a smarter way of finding business opportunities that can open doors for your business.

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Tendertube is a online Tender information provider company, helping business across Zimbabwe in finding business opportunities. Our Tender Portal provide information on E-procurement, Public Tenders, Government Tenders, International , Bidding opportunities etc. All active tenders are delivered timely directly to clients email inbox so as to avoid searching and create more time for preparation. We help business from all sectors and countries with potential tender leads that help them grow their business globally through Tendering.
We also offer additional services including bid acquisition, representation at pre-bid meetings, bid submission, representation at bid opening meetings and site visit, bid security and performance security, debriefing meeting, bid training, bid management at large. Finding tender leads for your business is our business.


You can receive tenders alerts through email and mobile application in your comfort from anyplace anytime.

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All Tenders in one Place. Less costs of advertising and searching for Tenders from different platforms.

Extended services

FREE Tendering Process Training, Represent you in bid meetings and procurement meetings among others.

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Tenders are published DAILY. Participate in the tendering process and grow your business now.

Global Reach

Organizations that rely on international tenders to procure specialized goods will have a better global reach.


Clients can use the DashBoard to view tenders from the categories that they have chosen.


View latest local tenders from Zimbabwe and Global tenders from all over africa and the world at large. Search ICBs, RFPs,RFP,RFQ ,BPO , ICBs, RFQ and Bidding Contracts published by various Government Department, NGOs, Universities, Private Companies among others. Search Construction Tenders, Oil & Gas Tenders, Power sector, Health Sector, Defense Tenders & Telecom sector tenders e.t.c from Zimbabwe.

Non Governmental Tenders (NGO)

Find a wide range of the latest tenders in Zimbabwe from www.tendertube.co.zw.



Finding Business Leads to your business is our business. With tendertube you win tender contracts.

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