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Tender Category : Commercial Services

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Active Tenders [232]


This includes labour-oriented services to customers engaged primarily in the sale of goods or services including institutions and local, state and federal government agencies

Services &

Commercial Printing

Companies providing commercial printing services. Includes printers primarily serving the media industry.


Environmental & Facilities

Companies providing environmental and facilities maintenance services. Includes waste management, facilities management and pollution control services. Water Delivery Services


Office Services & Supplies

Providers of office services and manufacturers of office supplies and equipment not classified elsewhere.


Diversified Support

Companies primarily providing labor oriented support services to businesses and governments. Includes commercial cleaning services, dining & catering services, equipment repair services, industrial maintenance services, industrial auctioneers, storage & warehousing, transaction services, uniform rental services, and other business support services


Security & Alarm Services

Companies providing security and protection services to
business and governments. Includes companies providing
services such as correctional facilities, security & alarm services, armoured transportation & guarding


Specialized Consumer

Companies providing consumer services not classified
elsewhere. Includes residential services, home security, legal
services, personal services, renovation & interior design services,
consumer auctions and wedding & funeral services





Waste Management

Waste removal, Trash disposal

Commercial Cleaning Services


Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance


Security & Alarm Services

Cash in Transit, Armoured Transportation & Guarding

Pest Control and Fumigation


Water Delivery Services


Catering Services


Auctioneer Services




Facilities Management Services


Funeral Services


Employment Services


Commercial Printing Services