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Tender Category : Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

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Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic medical equipment is any type of equipment or tools used in a hospital setting for the sole purpose of diagnosing a patient’s condition.

Medical imaging machines – Medical imaging is a type of technology that is used to create visual representations of the human body’s interior. radiography (X-ray machine), computed tomography (CT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan), ultrasound

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

This type of medical equipment is used mainly for providing therapeutic benefits for certain conditions or illnesses. The use of this equipment must be prescribed by a physician, which is designed to serve a medical purpose.

  • Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Walkers, crutches, canes (or any similar type of mobility assistive equipment)
  • Traction equipment
  • Pressure mattresses
  • Insulin pumps
  • Breast pumps
  • Nebulizers
  • Patient Lifts
  • Bili lights and blankets
  • Kidney machines
  • Stationary or portable oxygen tanks
  • Oxygen Concentrators Ventilators

Treatment Equipment

Treatment equipment is any type of medical device or tool that is designed to treat a specific condition

Infusion Pumps – This type of treatment equipment is used in a hospital setting. It is designed to infuse medication, fluids, and other forms of treatment to the patient’s circulatory system

LASIK Surgical Machines – The use of LASIK technology is used primarily for the treatment of eye conditions

Medical Lasers – The laser is a revolutionary technology introduced in the medical field for the treatment of various medical conditions.

Life Support Equipment

Heart-lung Machines – Also known as cardiopulmonary bypass (CB) devices, this type of equipment temporarily functions as the heart or lungs of a patient during surgery

Medical Ventilators – This type of device is designed to move breathable air in and out of the lungs.

Dialysis Machine – Dialysis is the method of removing excess solutes or toxins from the blood.

Surgical Medical Equipment

There are many different types of equipment used in surgery, each with their own purpose.

  • Surgical Tables
  • Utility Tables
  • Instrument Tables Hampers
  • Mayo Stands
  • Solution Stands
  • Kick buckets
  • Surgical Table Pads
  • Leg Supports
  • Arm Supports


Medical supplies means medical or surgical items that are consumable, expendable, disposable or non-durable and that are used for the treatment or diagnosis of a patient's specific illness, injury, or condition.

  • Anesthesia — masks, breathing circuits, LMA’s, hyperinflation bags, epidural kits
  • Books (Medical ONLY) — medical textbooks, journals, teaching aids
  • Casting Materials — undercast padding, plaster wrap, casting tape
  • Drainage/Irrigation — irrigation trays, suction catheters, yankauers, wound evacuators
  • Drapes — surgical, exam, single and drape packs
  • Dressings — gauze pads/rolls, elastic, bandages, wound dressings, dressing kits, medical tape
  • Electrodes — EKG/ECG, ESU, EMS, defibrillation, needles/blades
  • Endo/Laparoscopic — staplers, trocars, obturators, graspers, dissectors
  • Feeding — nasogastric tubes, enteral administration sets, gravity bags Gloves — surgical and exam
  • Gowns — surgical & patient
  • Infant — bottles, newborn caps, diapers, birthing blankets
  • IV — administration sets, IV catheters, winged infusion sets, epidural supplies, ext. sets
  • Lab — specimen collection, vacutainers, test tubes/bottles, pipettes, culture media
  • Medical Apparel — scrubs, masks, caps, shoe covers, aprons
  • Mobility Aids — wheel chairs crutches, walkers, canes
  • Monitoring — leads, temp probes, BP cuffs, pulse ox/O2 sensors
  • Needles/Syringes — all types and varieties, sharps disposal containers
  • Nursing Aids — dressing aids, underpads, restraints, anti-embolism stockings, diapers
  • OB/GYN — umbilical catheters, speculums, maternity briefs/pads, umbilical clamps
  • Operating Room — surgical packs, table covers, surgical instruments , towels
  • Orthopedic — post op boots/shoes, braces, slings, undercast padding, splints
  • Ostomy — pouches/bags, barriers, stoma powder/deodorizer
  • Personal Hygiene — body wash/shampoo, toothpaste, combs/brushes, washcloths (all unused)
  • Respiratory — nasopharyngeal, ambu bags/resuscitators, nasal cannulas,  endo/trach/bronchial tubes
  • Skin Prep — alcohol pads, iodine applicators, soap, scrub brushes, lubricating jelly
  • Sutures — all types and varieties, wound closure devices
  • Urinary — catheters, catheter trays, drainage bags, skin prep items, specimen containers



Ancillary services are medical services or supplies that are not provided by acute care hospitals, doctors or health care professionals.

Here are the most common ancillary services:

Medical Emergency Services

Ambulance Services


Diagnostic Services

  • Audiology
  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Mobile Diagnostic Services
  • Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
  • Sleep Laboratory Services
  • Telemedicine

Therapeutic Services

  • Allergy Services
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Diabetes Education
  • Dialysis
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Med Spa
  • Nutrition and Food Service
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Ventilator Services
  • Wound Care

Custodial Services

  • Home Health Care
  • Home Infusion Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Medical Day Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Duty Nursing



Develops, manufactures, and sells drugs.

Health Care
Equipment &

Health Care Equipment

Manufacturers of health care equipment and devices. Includes
medical instruments, drug delivery systems, cardiovascular &
orthopedic devices, and diagnostic equipment.


Health Care Supplies

Manufacturers of health care supplies and medical products not
classified elsewhere. Includes eye care products, hospital
supplies, and safety needle & syringe devices


Health Care
Providers &

Health Care Distributors

Distributors and wholesalers of health care products not
classified elsewhere.


Health Care Services

Providers of patient health care. Includes dialysis centers, lab testing services, and pharmacy management services. Also includes companies providing business support services to health care providers, such as clerical support services, collection agency services, staffing services and outsourced sales & marketing services.


Health Care Facilities

Owners and operators of health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and animal hospitals


Managed Health Care

Owners and operators of Health Maintenance Organizations(HMOs) and other managed plans.


Health Care

Health Care Technology

Companies providing information technology services primarily to health care providers. Includes companies providing application, systems and/or data processing software, internet based tools, and IT consulting services to doctors, hospitals or businesses operating primarily in the Health Care Sector.




Companies primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and/or marketing of products based on genetic analysis and genetic engineering. Includes companies specializing in protein-based therapeutics to treat human




Companies engaged in the research, development or production of pharmaceuticals. Includes veterinary drugs.


Life Sciences
Tools & Services

Life Sciences Tools &

Companies enabling the drug discovery, development and
production continuum by providing analytical tools, instruments,
consumables & supplies, clinical trial services and contract
research services. Includes firms primarily servicing the
pharmaceutical and biotechnology





Medical Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Surgical Equipment, Life Support Equipment, Treatment Equipment

Medical Supplies

Medical Apparel, Gloves, Gowns, Sutures, Urinary, Needles/Syringes, Dressings, Drapes





Medical Support Services

Ambulance Services, Diagnostic Services, Therapeutic Services Custodial Services(Nursing Homes, Home Health Care, Rehabilitation Centres)