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The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation



Businesses that offer a place to stay. It includes Hotels, Resorts, Camping Grounds, Home Apartments, and Boutique Lodging


Tourist Attractions

Places of interest to tourists such as locations of natural beauty, impressive architecture or historical buildings

Night Economy

Things to do at night such as karaoke or night clubs


Entertainment such as theatres or theme parks

Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and recreation activities such as skiing or surfing lessons

Arts and Culture

Institutions and events related to arts and culture such as art museum or exhibition.

Events and Conferences

Events such as concerts, festivals and industry conferences.


Retail that targets tourists such as souvenir shop or boutique in a hotel


Services that combine transport and some other element of travel such as hotels, restaurants and attractions into a managed experience.


Large passenger ships that offer lodging, dining, entertainment and transport to destinations.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance that transfers travel related risks such as unanticipated medical costs in a foreign land.

Restaurants &

Casinos & Gaming

Owners and operators of casinos and gaming facilities. Includes
companies providing lottery and betting services.


Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines

Owners and operators of hotels, resorts and cruise-ships. Includes travel agencies, tour operators and related services not
classified elsewhere.


Leisure Facilities

Owners and operators of leisure facilities, including sport and
fitness centres, stadiums, golf courses and amusement parks.



Owners and operators of restaurants, bars, pubs, fast-food or take-out facilities. Includes companies that provide food catering services.


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Travel and Tours


Events, Exhibitions and Conferences


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