Creating a level playfield for every small business to win and grow

Here at Tendertube, we make it easy for small businesses to find tender opportunities and equip them with tools, resources and training they need to successfully compete and win government contracts.

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A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step

Claris Zimbiti started Tendertube in 2018 as a way to help businesses find tender opportunities with ease. Her 8 years’ experience as an ICT professional, gave her the skills to start this business.

She later teamed up with Peter Mbweku, a former colleague she had met at college. They shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of initiative that they had both inherited from their parents growing up.

Tendertube was originally designed for small business owners as an alternative to the traditional system to find tender opportunities. Saving time is very important for small business owners, who have to do several tasks to make money for their companies. We learned that it was time-consuming spending hours reading the newspaper, digging deeply into the Internet and surfing from one website to another every day to find tenders.

The Discovery

From day one, we have believed that our customers should come first. And we are committed to providing the best customer service we can. We want to make sure that customer satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we have been consistently doing surveys to get feedback on how we can improve Tendertube. During our journey, our customer have been asking us many times to help them win tender opportunities. We learned that finding tenders was just a tip of the iceberg. Our customers were also facing major challenges in winning these opportunities to unlock their sales growth.


Our Mission

Since then we have made it our mission to show small business owners how to win more clients and contracts. Our goal is to help our customers write winning bids taking a client- centered approach. That's because at the heart of our company is our DNA—Putting Customers First. We believe in providing integrated solutions that help our customers win more business opportunities. Our products are no longer just tools for finding tender opportunities- but rather a platform for all your business development needs.

Our Culture

Commitment to excellent customer service

We have our customers at heart in everything we do. A happy customer can help us grow and prosper in the future.

Respect for People

We are one people. Everyone must be respected in his or her own right.


We do the right thing even when no one else is watching.

Continous Improvement

We always strive to get better everyday. Small improvements can lead to huge differences in results.

Claris Zimbiti

Founder and CEO

Peter Mbweku

Chief Technology Officer

Believe Chikwata

Customer Service Representative

Cryson Mvicha

Data Entry Specialist

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